With LanFlow Net Diagrammer you can create great looking LAN, internet, telecommunications, and computer network diagrams with the absolute minimum effort. In just minutes, you can plan and document a network, show cabling and wiring, and communicate flows and processes. LanFlow includes 2D and 3D common networking symbols, outline symbols, and some basic block diagramming symbols. Plus you can add clip-art to represent specific network equipment from your environment. LanFlow is the easiest and fastest solution for managing and documenting your network.

LanFlow is an easy-to-use, feature-rich, LAN and computer network diagramming tool for Windows. With LanFlow you can design, plan, and document your computer and communications resources.

Easy to Learn and Use:
LanFlow can create network diagrams with minimal effort. You can become productive immediately with no prior training. You can create network diagrams in a very natural intuitive way. Most tasks can be accomplished in multiple ways so that the way you prefer is usually available and does what you expect. This attention to your convenience and productivity is reflected throughout the product. Drop in components like computers, workstations, and servers and then connect them with various types of lines and cables.

The diagram model is very simple. Add the network elements you want, connect them with lines and cables, add descriptive text. The program does the rest by keeping lines attached properly, and managing associations between shapes, lines, and text.

* Includes hundreds of pre-defined shapes and symbols including 3D gray, black and white, and outline symbol sets.
* Includes several pre-defined diagram templates with each style of symbols.
* Create your own styles combining the attributes, shapes, colors, and behaviors of your own figures.
* Create custom diagram templates to represent your own diagramming methodologies and to store your custom symbol libraries.
* Full zoom and scrolling capability with dozens of intuitive and convenient features for easy navigation around even the most complex diagrams.
* Connectors can have many different lines styles, colors, curves, patterns, end symbols (arrows), and designs. Plus you can select flow symbols that are drawn along the path of the line.
* Connectors can have many possible terminators (arrowheads). Many are included in the End Symbol Gallery.
* Snap grid for precise placement. The snap grid can be visible or invisible, enabled or disabled, or customized to different sizes for any diagram.
* Create large multi-page wall posters. Pages can be managed separately or cropped and attached to create a poster.
* Alignment and arrangement tools. In addition to the usual aligning, centering, and spacing features, the program also performs subtle behind-the-scenes steps to help you keep your diagram organized and looking good.
* Copy or export diagrams to other programs such as Microsoft Word with OLE. Simply copy and paste into most any other software, or link and embed into any OLE-enabled program for full control. Export formats include WMF, EMF, BMP, and JPG.
* Import external graphics and clip-art to use in your diagrams. Supports EMF, WMF, BMP, and JPG files.
* Hyperlinks let you link symbols to other diagrams, web pages, or documents. Simply link any figure to another diagram and open that diagram by double-clicking on the figure. You can also link a figure to a web page, a spreadsheet, a database file, or any other document.
* Includes a complete set of our professional flowcharting templates.
* Create web pages from your diagrams in a single step. Hyper-linked diagrams translate instantly to image-mapped hierarchically-linked HTML web pages exactly as you would expect.
* Auto-save and Auto-backup. Choose to save backup versions whenever you save a file, or have a backup file saved periodically. Fully programmable.
* Attach / detach figures in “flows”. Drop a symbol onto a cable and the symbol merges into the cable automatically.
* New diagram wizard lets you select sizes, and initial fonts with great convenience.
* Enable “jogs” (also called jumps or crossovers) to clarify line routing.
* Add freeform text labels anywhere on your diagram or add specialty labels described below. You can control text justification, color, point size, font, bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript, and so on.
* Connector labels attach to a line (cable) and adjust when the line moves.
* Flow labels attach to the point where a line meets a symbol and adjust automatically when either the symbol or the line moves.
* Figure labels attach to a symbol and move when the symbol moves.
* Line spacing is programmable. Select from many line spacing options.
* Connect to any point on a symbol on demand or by defining fully programmable connection points.
* Group objects to create larger objects. Features include Group, Ungroup, Ungroup All, and Regroup.
* Container symbols show divisions of larger diagrams by creating a “box around” a number of other symbols. The container also lets you work with the included symbols as a unit.
* English (inches) or metric (millimeters) measurement units
* Full install/uninstall. Does not modify your operating system files!
* Complete online help plus optional PDF user guide.
* Compatible with Netzoom symbol libraries available from Altima Technologies.


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